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In MaryAnn's contemporary class you will feel challenged with musicality, movement and storytelling elements. She starts off the class with a warm up and improv exercises to get blood flowing and properly prep our bodies to be athletic and move in class. She then moves on to the combo part of class where all movers are welcome. Her movement is a blend of her contemporary and hip hop background. She often gives options and modifications to anyone who would like to take the piece in a different direction. This class is offered in all levels, beginner, intermediate, advanced and open. You will leave class feeling accomplished, inspired and refreshed.


MaryAnn's improv class is open to all walks of life and levels of movers. She navigates the class through many different interactive and internal improv exercises. An example would be the class partners up and they face each other. One partner would be the first to improv and the other partner would mirror and mimic any movement their partner does, when the song changes the roles change. This exercise gets the class out of their way of thinking and moving like they usually would. Many other excises include incorporating different way of thinking about repetition, textures, levels and dynamics within their movement. You will leave this class feeling inspired by your peers and ready to incorporate the tools you've acquired in class to your movement.

Stretch & Conditioning

This class is focused on prepping your body to take class, kill an audition or step out onto stage for a performance. Learn how to slow down and lean into learning what your body is capable of with tuning into your breath work and alignment during the stretch portion of class. We then move into the conditioning portion and move through some circut exercises to warm up the large and small muscle groups. You will leave class feeling like you can take on whatever is ahead of you!

Creatives Workshop

Future teachers and aspiring choreographers, this one's for you! Dive into a supportive community of creatives in this workshop. We will go through different creative prompts and challenges to take your creativity, confidence and approach to the next level. We will also work on branding, websites, headshots, reels and communication. This workshop will consist of 3-10 hrs depending on the elements you'd want to be included in the workshop. You will walk away with a mental and physical tool kit that you can use to stay professional and creative beyond what you thought you were capable of.

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